Bare Family Stories

Herb Bare (Lawrence Herbert Bare) led a very interesting life.  He was born in 1921 in Gilmore, Idaho and his family lived in the Birch Creek area of Idaho.  Because there weren't schools close by, Herb and some of his siblings boarded with the Thornton family during the week so they could attend elementary school and went home on the weekends.

Herb's mother Bessie Craven Bare died when he was only 10, at which time the family moved back to his father Curbe Bare's home state of North Carolina so family could help raise the children.  For the remainder of his childhood Herb primarily lived with his grandparents Jasper Bare and Mazie Sheets Bare.

Herb was a World War II veteran who saw hand to hand combat.  He spent most of his adult life working in construction.  When he was young he worked in for a company named the Ralph E Mills Company in Costa Rica.  He also worked in Panama helping build roads.  Later, he worked for various construction companies, often as a foreman.  His son Lawrence Bare worked for him for many years and his nephew Barry Bare worked for him for a while.  

Herb met his first wife Emma Copley and in 1946 they were married in London, England.  They settled in a house on Bare Creek on the Blue Ridge Parkway outside of West Jefferson, NC.  Herb and Emma had 2 sons, Chris and Lawrence.  Herb married his second wife Nell Adams Ireson and they settled in Lebanon in 1974. 

On December 24, 2018 Herb passed away at the age of 97.  He was preceded in death by his eldest son Chris Bare and both wives.