Jernberg Family Videos/Audio

Jernberg Family Audio Files

An audio recording made by Cleo Dunn Jernberg in approximately 1977. The first part is sort of slow with Kim, Tom, Cleo, and Dave talking about candy. Then the Patterson stop to visit and Cleo records it for Kay. Cleo also recalls stories about Elaine as a child.
An audio recording of the May 1990 funeral of David Richard Jernberg (Feb 28, 1897 - May 28, 1990).
An audio recording of the February 1995 funeral of Cleo Margaret Dunn Jernberg (April 11, 1906 - February 13, 1995).
In 2010 Peggy Jernberg's children interviewed her about growing up in Idaho.
An audio recording of a discussion between Peggy Jernberg, Mike Misel, and others.