Jernberg Family Stories

Killed by an Indian arrow returning from the hills east of Smithfield with a load of brush to be used on the bowery for the community Pioneer City celebration. The Indians wounded Solyman, his brother, in the right arm and across the abdomen. They intended to scalp Ira, but were prevented by his brother throwing rocks at them with his left hand until the pursuing men came to his rescue. Ira Merrill was the first person buried in the Smithfield Cemetery. Digging the grave for Ira Merrill—four men were required, two to stand guard while the others worked.

Married Lucinda Jane Olmstead (1841 - 1926),  on 23 Feb 1856 in Union Fort, Salt Lake, Utah

Father of Margaret Eliza Merrill Gold 1860-1901

Son of Austin Shepherd Merrill and Laura Wilder Harris