Jernberg Family Stories

Mrs. and Mrs. David R. Jernberg of Terreton were honored at an open house hosted by their children in honor of their fiftieth wedding anniversary.  

The open house was held at the home of Ken and Kay Bare in Terreton Monday, May 26, 1980 from 2 to 6 p. m. and was followed by a pot-luck picnic.  All friends were invited to attend.  The Jernbergs were married in December, 1929, but because they were spending the winter in Arizona the celebration was delayed until May.

They have seen the community grow from a sparsely populated unimproved area with no roads, stores or services to a thriving community.  He has been instrumental in many of the changes.  He has served on various community projects.  He was a board director on the Jefferson Canal Col. and served on the Mud Lake Fair board for a number of years.  He has also been a member of the West Jefferson Lions club.  Among his most memorable experiences have been the years he served as a constable for local elections, a position he has held most of the time since 1916. In 1918  at the time of the flu epidemic people were not allowed to congregate and he had to break up any groups of more than two people.

Transportation in those days was much slower that  today.  "We used to have to really make plans for a trip to town and it took all day.  The trip usually meant having to fix at least one flat tire along the way and it was necessary to watch for sagebrush and rocks in the road.  When it rained it was impossible to go anywhere because the roads were so soft and in the winter cars could not be used because the roads were drifted full of snow with no equipment to clear them.

Cleo has been active in community affairs and served on the Mud Lake Fair board for a number of years.  She was the postal clerk at Monteview for seven years and worked in the PTA for a number of years.

Their three children are Ben (Peggy) Jernberg, Billings, Montana, Mrs. Glen (Elaine) Munns of Thornton, and Mrs. Ken (Kay) Bare of Terreton, Idaho.  They were proud of their fourteen grandchildren and many great grandchildren. 

Author:  Mildred Staley, Post-Register Correspondent