Jernberg Family Stories

 While most people are preparing for traditional holiday goodies members of the Jernberg family still enjoy preparing a traditional family holiday treat as they join in preparing Potato Sausage.  The family uses recipes brought to this country by Mary and Charley Jernberg, early pioneers of the Mud Lake area from their native Sweden.

Relatives from Mud Lake and Idaho Falls met at the home of a granddaughter, Mr. and Mrs. Glen Munns of Archer, recently to make a large batch of the sausage, a treat which is then divided among all who help make it.

Cleo Jernberg, who was introduced to the custom by her husband's parents, said after the senior Jernbergs felt too old to supervise the preparation of the sausage, she and her husband carried on the tradition for several years but have now left it to the younger generation.

She explained, "It's different but you kind of get addicted to it."  She also said it is hard enough to make so it should be a family enterprise.  "It's messy but fun."

The recipe as it has been handed down is simple and can be made in any amount necessary.


(Use bowl of desired size to measure.)

1 bowl ground beef

1 bowl coarsely ground potatoes

1/2 bowl unseasoned ground pork (not too fat)

1/2 bowl coarsely ground onions

Salt and pepper to taste

Mix together and put into beef casings.  Freeze until ready to use. 

To cook, place in cold water, simmer 45 minutes.  Serve with cranberry sauce.  (Beef casings can be purchased at meat processing plants.)

Mrs. Jernberg said this is a traditional Swedish holiday dish.

Author:  Mildred Staley, Post-Register Correspondent